Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Falling Off the Wagon...

I've fallen seriously off the raw wagon. I couldn't very well call myself "high raw" anymore. I'm more "low raw." I can't even say I'm eating all that well. I feel best when I'm mostly raw and hopefully when my life sorts itself out again I can get back to it.

It's been a period of high stress in my life: major life changes are afoot. I've managed to drink at least one green smoothie on most days and I eat a lot of Pure Cherry Cashew bars (which are raw, but I'm not sure they should be such a staple of my diet -- I literally go through boxes a week). Beyond that, I drink coffee everyday (Triple Venti Soy Latte please) and often oatmeal in the morning. When I make it myself, it's with steel cut or stone ground oats and full of good (if cooked) stuff like raisins, date sugar or bananas, unsweetened soy milk and cinnamon. If I get it when I get my Triple Venti Soy Latte, it's Starbuck's instant oatmeal ripoff that they charge 2.50 for. Still, I buy it because I'm in a hurry, it's the only thing I'm sure is vegan, and probably lower on the processed sugar than other potential options(though I'm sure I'm getting too much in their soy milk, which is sweetened, and in the dried fruits they give me for the oatmeal). For dinner, I often either eat handfuls of nuts (roasted! gasp!) or Trader Joe's Dal Makhni with Garlic Naan (bleached flour! double gasp!).

I've managed to stay vegan though...well, except for the cookie that was presented to me during a job interview that clearly had been purchased specifically for my visit. I ate the cookie. I have to admit, I'm still wrestling with that. My vegan morals clearly need some work.

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  1. You are still eating WAAAYY better than most folks! Don't beat yourself up over what you are not doing, and be glad you have gotten in a good habit of eating vegan. Life happens. When you are ready, you will become more high raw again.

    James Reno