Monday, July 23, 2012

A Return to Raw...

I'm taking a week off for vacation next week and decided I would do my own "spa-cation" with it, returning at least for a week to a raw diet of pure vegan foods. Today, Monday of the week before, is my baby steps day: For lunch I packed cherries, a green smoothie, and a bottle of fresh hemp milk. So far so good, though I'm craving raw *solids* -- all those wonderful crackers, cheeses, and main dishes I used to make with such dedication way back when I was on my sabbatical. It's a good thing that *that's* what I'm craving, but in lieu of all the stocking up and prep I need to do in order to make this raw lifestyle work again, tonight will probably be some vegetarian cooked fare. Not horrible, as far as dietary regimens go, but not crazy health-licious either. I'll be at home the whole week, dedicating myself to pure-liciousness. Wish me luck!

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