Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raw Vacation update

Temptations are everywhere. Saturday night it was vegan pizza at a farewell party for a friend. I indulged. Still, I feel like I'm doing alright on my raw vacation, having stocked up on supplies for raw tacos (ala Matt Amsden's book Rawvolution), smoothies, and assorted snacks. Today Jezebel and I made raw raisin bread, raw buckwheat cereal, and Annie Phyo's Acai Cheezecake. If I make a few raw staples each day of my vacation, I will hopefully have enough on hand to endure how busy I am when I return to work. It will entail spending a good part of each weekend preparing foods for the week. It's discipline, but all the same the house smells great with the dehydrator going and already I feel a clarity in my head I don't normally have on just a vegetarian diet.

The location of the dehydrator in this new house is an issue. It's an enormous one from 20 years ago and the only place in my little kitchen that it will fit is right on top of the stovetop, which effectively puts the stovetop out of use for anything else. I don't cook much normally anyway, so for now it will have to do.

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